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BCS Mess

it’s official… the Oklahoma Sooners will play the Florida Gators for the BCS National Championship on January 8th 2009. (BCS Championship Tickets)

the Texas Longhorns who beat the Oklahoma Sooners on a nuetral field rank #3 and therefore will play the Ohio State Buckeyes in the Fiesta Bowl on January 5th 2009. (Fiesta Bowl Tickets)

Cincinatti vs Virginia Tech in the Orange Bowl

Utah vs Alabama in the Sugar Bowl

Penn State vs USC in the Rose Bowl

Two other bowl games hosting top finishers in the BCs include Texas Tech playing Ole Miss in the Cotton Bowl and a really good matchup of Boise State vs TCU in the Poinsetta Bowl.

Inauguration Tickets

so what’s the hottest ticket to grab in the next couple of months? do you think BCS National Championship Game is going to be a bigger draw than the Presidential Inauguration? right now it seems that people, in large numbers, are trying to lock down some tickets to the Obama inauguration.

i remember when Obama came to Austin to debate Hillary.. tickets for that where hot too. however, i’m expecting average Obama inaguration ticket prices to surge past those of this years BCS Championship. ticket brokers all over the country are hoping to get access to 2009 inauguration tickets, considering this has to be the highest demand for such an event.

be wary of buying tickets on eBay for this event.. if i were you and you’re looking for inauguration tickets find them on respected ticket broker sites like StubHub or

The Subprime Primer

From a friend of a friend who’s in the mortgage industry, is a slideshow that shows how much of the economy mess we’re in came about. The end really cracks me up, but then when you replace the stick figures with actual people it’s so sad.

Way to go Congress… nice regulating! Thanks a lot big business, way to look out for the average Joe!


Cowboys Tickets

i just put up a new section on my website that lists Dallas Cowboys tickets. it’s not pretty but it’s pretty nifty. i built it as a test case for the new TicketCity Webservices, which includes shopping cart functionality. the shopping cart feature is really cool and completely innovative! now TicketCity affiliates can build out completely robust websites and leverage the shopping cart to insure maximum conversion at the point that they transfer their visitors to the TicketCity website (directly onto the checkout page). >> Signup for a TicketCity Affiliate Account < < you can download the source code for review. but mainly i just like listing Dallas Cowboys tickets on my site :)

this year i'm hoping things don't end with the first game of the playoffs... ugh. the boys should be stronger than they've been in a very long time. however, after watching the first quarter of the Chargers pre-season game it's clear that they need to work on special teams! regardless it was good to see Romo lead Barber, Crayton, Witten & TO on an 8 play drive resulting in a touchdown against the Chargers defense which is hyped to be the #1 defense in the NFL.

so if you want to score some Dallas Cowboys tickets (pre-season or regular season) checkout my page >> Dallas Cowboys Tickets

Embed HULU videos into WordPress

ok first if you’re not familiar with HULU… check it out. a while back NBC told Steve Jobs ‘no thanks, we’ll distribute our own online videos.’ you can bet that HULU also had a lot to do with the writers strike not too long ago. anyhow it’s an awesome service for online video freaks.

this post is however geared towards WordPress bloggers who want to embed HULU videos into their blogs. i found a HULU WordPress Plugin and figured i’d share it with you as well as a sample clip here on my blog.

here’s the first episode from ‘Start-up Junkies’ a show i watched on MOJO HD that i really enjoyed.

Free College Fantasy Football 2008-2009

that’s right, TicketCity has brought back their FREE college fantasy football leagues (powered by U-Sports). college football season is just around the corner. in fact i just got my EA SPORTS NCAA FOOTBALL 09 for XBOX the other day and it’s fun stuff! Not only are the TicketCity leagues free, but team managers are eligible to win $35,000 worth of prizes! that’s hard to beat… about as hard to beat as my team suckas :)


The Dark Knight

i saw The Dark Knight Friday.. and wow.. it was as good as i expected. i recommend it to anybody looking for high action, great CG, some good laughs, serious reflection and just a plain old good time at the movies. i must say though, i’m not sure younger kids should see this one. i don’t know at what age some of the violence in this movie is acceptable. The Dark Knight has a PG-13 rating and it’s all purely based on violence, because I didn’t notice any profanity or any sexually explicit moments. anyhow, if you liked Batman Begins there’s no way you’ll be dissappointed with the Dark Knight.. so go check it out!

The Dark Knight