Cowboys Tickets

i just put up a new section on my website that lists Dallas Cowboys tickets. it’s not pretty but it’s pretty nifty. i built it as a test case for the new TicketCity Webservices, which includes shopping cart functionality. the shopping cart feature is really cool and completely innovative! now TicketCity affiliates can build out completely robust websites and leverage the shopping cart to insure maximum conversion at the point that they transfer their visitors to the TicketCity website (directly onto the checkout page). >> Signup for a TicketCity Affiliate Account < < you can download the source code for review. but mainly i just like listing Dallas Cowboys tickets on my site :)

this year i'm hoping things don't end with the first game of the playoffs... ugh. the boys should be stronger than they've been in a very long time. however, after watching the first quarter of the Chargers pre-season game it's clear that they need to work on special teams! regardless it was good to see Romo lead Barber, Crayton, Witten & TO on an 8 play drive resulting in a touchdown against the Chargers defense which is hyped to be the #1 defense in the NFL.

so if you want to score some Dallas Cowboys tickets (pre-season or regular season) checkout my page >> Dallas Cowboys Tickets