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Texas Football

i’m a football fan, have been since i was a little kid. i loved playing when i was younger. growing up in Ft. Worth Texas my early dreams were to play football for the Texas Longhorns and then on to the Dallas Cowboys. i’m sure this is and was the dream of many youngsters. unfortunately i broke my leg, dislocated my ankle and tore several tendons in my ankle during an 8th grade football game (i was running back an interception). that ruined my dreams… sniffle sniffle… that’s life. however, i have to say it’s a happy weekend for me when the Longhorns and the Cowboys both put up a victory as they did this weekend!!

“How bout them Cowboys!” and “Hook’em Horns!”

o by the way… sorry but i’m not a Houston Texans fan. some of my friends are… but i grew up disliking the Oilers (even with much respect for Warren Moon) we’ll see how long the city of Houston embraces a losing team, that they have with the Texans, as i recall they never did like the constant losing the Oilers served up for lunch every week…. and so ‘they loaded up the truck and moved to Tennessee’ hehe.

Texas football… from high school to college to the pros… one thing is for sure most Texans (not the team) love football… me included.

Texas Longhorns FootballDallas Cowboys Football

Texas Longhorn Football Game

On Saturday I went to the Texas Longhorn football game here in Austin. I was very happy when my boss called me on Friday afternoon and told me that he was a season ticket holder and had an extra seat available for the game and wanted to know if I was interested in going with him. So on Saturday we headed out to the stadium and watched a brutal game were Texas scored 60 points compared to Louisiana-Lafayette’s 3 points. There wasn’t much competition obviously but I’d much rather sit through a blowout where my team is winning then to see a game where they lose. We had a lot of fun and everybody at the stadium was really into it as you would expect of a college football game. My boss has some pretty good seats. Longhorns played so good that we actually got to see fourth string and fifth string running backs getting some playing time as well as the second and third string quarterbacks. It looks like Vince Young and the Texas passing game should be pretty pretty good this year and I have to say I was really impressed with all of the running backs Texas has. I think their running game is gonna be pretty solid for the next couple of years. I was especially impressed by Jamaal Charles who set a UT freshman debut record with 135 yards and a touchdown on 14 carries. After the game I saw on television that Jamaal Charles was actually more than just your typical better than average freshmen running back but he actually holds some national records for track and field. An announcer on TV said that Charles is an Olympic quality runner, which after the game I would have to say that I could easily agree with those statements. So that was pretty much the highlight of my weekends it was a blast and I hope to see many more longhorn games in Austin. –Hook ‘Em Horns

p.s. I know my Grandfater (A HUGE TCU FAN) was as happy as I and almost all the other Longhorn fans to see the Horn Frogs beat the Sooners!!!

Google Sidebar

well if u haven’t heard about Google Talk < << read about it! but perhaps an overlooked new feature recently released from Google is an updated Google Desktop 2, which includes a Sidebar. so now u know that Google has released an instant messaging and VOIP (Voice Over IP (Internet Protocol)) client and also a new Google Sidebar

Free Credit Report

is your credit good? is it bad? is it non-existant?? < < sounds like a commercial for a car dealer huh? actually, u can get a free credit report right now, so long as u don't live in the northeast USA (if so, then you'll have to wait until September 1st). no playing around! i don't see it doing me any good, but i figured somebody out there might find this valuable. the website setup by the 'BIG 3' is, but if you think it might be some kind of scam you can read about it from the good ole Federal Trade Commission :

Free Antivirus Software

Do you have antivirus software?

I’ve gone without using antivirus software for several years now. This is mainly due to my extensive use of zone alarm’s free firewall. I’ve always said that with a good firewall and proper ActiveX settings inside your browser and email client that most viruses are pretty easily avoided. For the past couple of weeks however, I’ve been having to disable my firewall under certain circumstances while working. Since I’ve used a firewall for so long I was really worried that just a little bit of time without my firewall being enabled would open up some pretty big holes and allow the dreaded viruses to make their way on the my computer. So, for the first time I decided to look into antivirus software and what was available on the market. Of course, if you know me very well the first thing I’m doing is looking for some kind of freeware. And of course, if you know much about the antivirus software market and how much money is made selling such software you probably thought as I did that I would have no luck finding freeware antivirus software. If that’s what you thought,you were wrong but don’t worry because so was I! Thankfully, there is indeed a free of charge antivirus software available for home personal use. I’m not sure how good this antivirus software stands up to the big names such as Norton and McAfee , but after quick installation and a scan of my computer the software did indeed discover that a couple of viruses had made their way on my hard drive . The free antivirus software cleaned them up and I’m glad I didn’t have to pay for it!

You want three antivirus software? Check out Grisoft’s AVG Antivirus >> FREE ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE

Hydroponic Lettuce

OK here’s a blog out of the ordinary, but I have to mention this. The other day I was at the grocery store and was getting some lettuce for the occasional sandwich and I happen to notice a sign for hydroponic lettuce . I happen to know little bit about hydroponics, very little, but enough to know that hydroponic lettuce is kind of interesting. It didn’t look bad in fact it looked better than a regular ball of lettuce. It was a little bit more but maybe expensive, like 50¢ more but I decided that give it a shot.

I know a lot of people don’t even like lettuce , but if you are the eater such as myself you’ve got a try hydroponic lettuce . It is so much better than regular lettuce . It’s so much fresher , tastier and supposedly it last longer.

Just thought I’d mention it.

The Flash In 3D!!

i don’t know if it’s “The Flash” or “Flash Gordon” but it’s pretty slick if u ask me. my bro did this for a summer course he took (for the fun of it mostly) to brush up on his 3D character skills.