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How the Economy Went So Bad So Fast

i really appreciate the Frontline investigative programs and tonight they’ll be airing ‘Inside The Meltdown’. from what i understand it should give some insights to the people (Paulson, Bernanke, Geithner) who pull the strings and some of the very very serious decisions that were made recently regarding the health of our American economy, in particular the handling of the bank bailouts.

you can also watch the program online.

Trillion, it’s the new Billion

have you noticed that the word “trillion” is well on it’s way to being the most used word in 2009? trillion, trillion, trillion. the word “billion” is getting tossed around a lot too lately, but poor measly “million” is slipping into the small time. i thought i was poor when a million bucks seemed like a lot of money :(

so here’s the clearest description i can really comprehend of how much a trillion dollars is:

if you spent one million dollars per day, it would take you over 2700 years to spend a trillion dollars.

Inauguration Tickets

so what’s the hottest ticket to grab in the next couple of months? do you think BCS National Championship Game is going to be a bigger draw than the Presidential Inauguration? right now it seems that people, in large numbers, are trying to lock down some tickets to the Obama inauguration.

i remember when Obama came to Austin to debate Hillary.. tickets for that where hot too. however, i’m expecting average Obama inaguration ticket prices to surge past those of this years BCS Championship. ticket brokers all over the country are hoping to get access to 2009 inauguration tickets, considering this has to be the highest demand for such an event.

be wary of buying tickets on eBay for this event.. if i were you and you’re looking for inauguration tickets find them on respected ticket broker sites like StubHub or

The Subprime Primer

From a friend of a friend who’s in the mortgage industry, is a slideshow that shows how much of the economy mess we’re in came about. The end really cracks me up, but then when you replace the stick figures with actual people it’s so sad.

Way to go Congress… nice regulating! Thanks a lot big business, way to look out for the average Joe!


Make St. Patricks Day an Official Holiday

In these exciting political times aren’t you up for some new legislation that just plain makes good sense?? Guinness is promoting Proposition 3-17 in an attempt to make St. Patricks day an official holiday.

Whether or not this holiday becomes official… I gotta admit.. St. Paddys day is one of my favorite days of the year. As of now they’re needing over 900,000 signatures. This may not be something you’re gung ho for.. but if you’re not against it please sign the petition as a favor for me :) i promise if you need a petition signed and i’m not against the cause i’ll pay you back!!

So, Make St. Patricks Day an Official Holiday!!