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Tesla Motors is not bad, Better Place is real good

tesla motors has some slick vehicles and post IPO investors have made some bank. however, as much as i’d like to have one of their rides, the prices aren’t yet practical. that is very likely to change for all electric car manufacturers if Better Place succeeds.

foreign oil independence for the USA might be closer than imagined before, but don’t be surprised if the Chinese beat us to it. in the meantime Shai Agassi is working to make our lives a better place. not by simply making the world ‘greener’ but by making automobiles BETTER, FASTER, CHEAPER and AS CONVENIENT AS PETRO BASED CARS TODAY.

his approach is to use batteries the same way we use fuel (petro). this might not unique, but actually tesla and most other electric car makers take the approach of using batteries the way we currently use “fuel tanks” which is not better, faster, cheaper or as convenient as petro based cars today.

here’s a good Charlie Rose interview with Shai Agassi of Better Place

Billy Mays Checklist for Inventors Who Want to Be Seen on TV

‘As Seen On TV’, Billy Mays summed up what he and his partners are looking for in an invention or product on the interesting tv series Pitchmen.

1. Does it have the wow factor?
2. Does it have mass appeal?
3. It is demonstrable?
4. Does it solve a problem?
5. Does it give instant gratification?

So now you know the minimum requirements for developing a product that might make you rich and be seen on tv via Telebrands, the “As Seen On TV” company.

UPDATE: Billy Mays died while sleeping on 6/28/2009.

How the Economy Went So Bad So Fast

i really appreciate the Frontline investigative programs and tonight they’ll be airing ‘Inside The Meltdown’. from what i understand it should give some insights to the people (Paulson, Bernanke, Geithner) who pull the strings and some of the very very serious decisions that were made recently regarding the health of our American economy, in particular the handling of the bank bailouts.

you can also watch the program online.

How to Profit & Prosper During a Recession or Depression

if you think the US economy is on the road to recovery anytime soon then this post isn’t for you.

for the rest of us, i want to recommend a couple of really good books. Peter Schiff, who was Ron Paul’s economic advisor during his Presidential campaign, was right about the credit, mortgage, currency crisis that we Americans finds ourselves in now. for the last several years he’s been very vocal about coming problems. he was ridiculed and belittled on national news programs that when watched in hindsight show just how right he was and just how wrong the other talking heads were.

here are the books i recommend:

The Little Book of Bull Moves in Bear Markets

Crash Proof: How to Profit From the Coming Economic Collapse

i hope you can appreciate these books as much as me. i’ve also added some Peter Schiff videos so you can get an impression of the man.

here’s a video highlighting some of the ridicule and accuracy:

here’s a video highlighting some of his analogies (for those who just love analogies):

Crayon Physics is a cool game

i just recently discovered this really neat game called Crayon Physics Deluxe. the object of the game is super simple, you basically draw objects that move a ball over, under and around obstacles towards a star. i saw this video clip for it and had to download the demo version to check it out.. it’s incredibly addictive!

anyways, this is a great game for smaller kids (and big ones like me too). there’s also an iPhone version of the game. so, here’s a clip of it.. and don’t worry you don’t need a tablet or touch screen, a regular computer mouse works just fine.